Deutsche Battletech Meisterschaft

20.AUGUST 2023 ab 10:00 Uhr
DBTM 2023 will take place in Berlin this year. Qualification is not required, come, sign up and participate.
The maximum of 32 places will be allocated according to the order of registration. However, a list will be available on site, on which you can also register during the EBTC that will take place beforehand.
So please don't waste any time, we are looking forward to your registrations!



Jugendclub Heckerdamm, Heckerdamm 210, 13627 Berlin


A potential participation fee may apply.


Minimum number: 10
Maximum number: 32


more info will follow

Supporting event

Players Convention Germany 2023 — The new Battletech Party!


New date, new location and this year a DBTM on Sunday. Why?
We are expecting international guests and are hosting the EBTC - European Battletech Championship this year.  

This way, we also offer guests coming from Ireland, England or Spain the option of arriving in peace, playing, talking and taking in the whole convention feeling. The organisers are working flat out on the preparations - stay tuned.

The PCG will last four days this time, from Thursday (17 August 2023) to Sunday (20 August 2023).

In any case, we are looking forward to it and already know that it will - as always - be a great Battletech party.

Hier einmal der grobe Rahmenplan:
European Battletech Championship (EBTC) – 19.08.2023
Alpha Strike Meisterschaft (ASM) – 19.08.2023
Deutsche Battletech Meisterschaft (DBTM) – 20.08.2023
Admission to Players Con Germany is free of charge, but a participation fee will be charged for participation in the tournaments and other events that require more effort to prepare.
And those who want to spend the night in a tent they brought themselves on the grounds or with a camp bed or similar in the venue building will be able to count on favourable conditions (especially if you are a Mechforce member) - more on that soon.
And there will be other systems on site too, expect X-Wing, Zombicide Freebooters Fate and other surprises or possibilities.


Procedure of the Convention

  • Jahreshauptversammlungen der Vereine MechForce Germany & Team Trueborn
  • Letztes DBTM-Qualifikationsturnier vor der aktuellen DBTM
  • ChapterFights nach Absprache, Vorlieben und bei freier (eigener) Zeiteinteilung
  • Battletech-Demorunden
  • DBTM (Deutsche BattleTech Meisterschaft)
  • ChapterFights nach Absprache, Vorlieben und bei freier (eigener) Zeiteinteilung
  • Battletech-Demorunden
  • AT2-Demorunden
  • Diverse Händler vor Ort (Atlantis, Würfelmanufaktur, Kleiner Traumfänger)
  • Battletech-Szenarien, sofern sich Interessenten melden
  • RPG MechWarrior 3rd Editon
  • ChapterFights nach Absprache, Vorlieben und freier (eigener) Zeiteinteilung
  • Battletech-Demorunden
  • Battletech-Szenarien,sofern sich Interessenten melden


Convention Wochenendpass


Convention Tageskarte


DBTM Teilnahmegebühr


Beachtet bitte, dass der Eintrittspreis lediglich den Unkostenaufwand für die Convention deckt. Hier ist keine Verpflegung und Übernachtung enthalten, nur der Eintritt, die Nutzung der Spielmöglichkei-ten, sowie Räumlichkeiten.

Event location

Jugendclub Heckerdamm

Heckerdamm 210
13627 Berlin

Information on the Battletech Championship

The maps will be provided by the tournament organisation.

Battlemechs are to be brought by the players (proxing is allowed). The list of mechs to be brought will be announced in good time before the start of the tournament. The tournament organisation will also bring figures to a limited extent.

The dice will be provided and collected again. The dice can be purchased from the tournament organisation after the tournament.

In the future, there will be patches to the DBTM, but none has been created for 2023 at present.

The following chassis can be used in the tournament:

​Axman, Blackjack, Blood Asp, Cataphract, Catapult, Cauldron-Born, Centurion, Charger, CrimsonLangur, Fenris (IceFerret), Gallowglas, Goliath, Hammerhands, Imp, Jagermech, Kingfisher, Komodo, Linebacker, MadCat (Timber Wolf), Man O‘ War (Gargoyle), Naginata, Night Gyr, Nobori-nin (Huntsman), Nova Cat, Ostroc, Penetrator, Penthesilea, Ryoken (Stormcrow), Shadow Hawk, Shockwave, Starslayer, Stooping Hawk, Talon, Vindicator, Vulture (Mad Dog), Wolf Trap, Wolfhound, Zeus

There are various prizes to be won for the DBTM, which will be announced on the day of the tournament.

And of course the most important:


Start: 10:00 AM

Group Stage 1: 10:30 Am till 11:15 AM

Group Stage 2: 11:30 Am till 12:15 PM

Group Stage 3: 12:30 PM till 1:15 PM

Group Stage 4(optional): 1:30 PM till 2:00 PM

If match 4 does not take place, the matches of the knockout round will be moved forward by one hour.

Quarter-finals: 3:30 p.m. to 4:50 p.m.

Semifinals: 5:10 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Final: 19:30



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    Battletech Germany - organised by MechForce Germany e.V. and Team Trueborn e.V.